by Lina Paola Lara Negrette,
Colombian Confederation of Non-Governmental Organizations (CCONG)

On September the 3rd, the Colombian NGO Confederation - CCONG celebrated 30 years of permanent recognition of solidarity and collaborative action. Throughout these years, CCONG has woven links among Colombian CSOs. For this reason, the celebration had a special moment to present the “Accreditation System”.

CCONG’s “Accreditation System” recognizes the organizations that, autonomously and voluntarily, participated in this mechanism of self-regulation that values ​​and strengthens their social and political role. The experience we celebrate has allowed organizations, networks and platforms to enhance the Value Offer, in a differentiated way, in the transformation of territorial, sectoral and population realities. 

The following two days (September 4 and 5) the Peer Encounter was held, which led to reflection on the political and social roles of networks and platforms, in the context of the Roadmap with which the European Union accompanies the strengthening of capacities of organized civil society in the country. The Encounter recognized the experiences and lessons learned from around 25 networks and platforms that develop local agendas and 3 that lead global development agendas. The international experiences were in charge of Susana Erástegui, from the OSC Latin American Platforms Articulation Board; Sarah Hénon, from FORUS and Riccardo Roba, from CONCORD. 

There were two days of intense work with contextualized views of the advances and challenges involved in networking, the collaboration we build and the recognition of the strengths we have as collective groups. We hope that many people and organizations benefit from the permanent celebration in favor of development that will continue to support the way in which CCONG and its allies promote the guarantee of civil and political rights in Colombia.