Reflecting our commitments, struggles and actions as well as encouraging a conducive environment for the civil society: our communications must be redesigned, turned towards the future and sublimated to match our ambitions towards a common future, as the convictions and projects of Forus already do.

The ComsForUs group is open to all Forus’ members and related to our Council and  intends to implement innovative communication strategies as part of a global strategy dedicated to our network and its members. The group will work on communication issues, actions and support Forus 3 key main activities :  

Share, learn and promote: to share our knowledge and experiences in order to bring out innovative initiatives and strategies which will be integrated to the new communication strategy of Forus and its members ;  

Participate and enhance inclusion : to be part of an inclusive communication strategy representative of the voices, experiences and diversity of our 69 NGO platforms and 7 regional coalitions ;  
Represent and inspire : to develop coherent and inspiring institutional, digital and event communication strategies which will broadly relay our advocacy campaigns. 

ComsForUs is the opportunity to share and reinforce through united and consistent communications, the influence, legitimacy and visibility of our network. 

To join this group, please send us your suggestions, remarks and membership requests to the following email address:

We look forward to hearing from you !  

The ComsForUs team