Source: European Days of Local Solidarity 2019 - Concept Note


The 2030 Agenda acknowledges the importance of involving citizens in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4.7 & SDG17). Local and regional governments are key to approach the global agenda to citizens, and to engage them as part of the change by supporting and cooperating with civil society organisations. The European Union promotes pan-European alliances of different players in this field through its Development Education and Awareness Raising program. 

European Cities and regions are committed to the achievement of the SDGs not only in Europe but across the globe. Their international cooperation with other cities and regions promotes the fundamental values of co-responsibility, ownership, effectiveness and humanity and contributes to the understanding of how local and global challenges to sustainable development are intimately interlinked. It promotes citizens’ commitment with poverty reduction and tackling inequalities both at home and abroad. 

Civil society Organisations play a central role in promoting citizens’ critical understanding and active engagement for global sustainable development. They promote local changes for a stronger global citizenship by reflecting society’s concerns and building on its own diversity. The dialogue among the different players of development education and awareness raising is crucial to create effective opportunities for citizens to be informed and engage for global sustainable development.  

The European Days of Local Solidarity (15 to 30 November 2019) promotes the commitment of local and regional councils to inform and involve citizens in decentralised cooperation and to raise their awareness about global sustainable development issues. Last year, most of the 120 cities and regions that took part in the EDLS did so in partnership with local civil society organisations and education centers.  

Objectives of the session 

This lunch-time conference aims at discussing on multi-player strategies to raise citizens’ awareness and engage citizens them in the Agenda 2030. What is the specific role of cities and regions when it comes to development education and awareness raising and how can they promote innovative alliances with the CSOs sector?  

PLATFORMA, in partnership with DEVCO units C5 and B1, will mark its contribution to the SDGs Global Action Day by inviting its partners and stakeholders in an open exchange on the future of EU policies in the field. PLATFORMA partners will launch the 4th edition of the European Days of Local Solidarity campaign that promotes cities and regions’ commitment to inform and engage citizens about the local and global challenges raised by the SDGs.  

Agenda (draft)

12:30-12:45 - Opening remarks by DG DEVCO C5 and B1 
12:45-12:55 - Introduction to PLATFORMA and its work on awareness raising and development education. Presentation of the 4th edition of the European Days of Local Solidarity by elected representative (Rennes, DIBA, LALRG) 
12:55-13:30 - Debate. The articulation of awareness raising & development education strategies at the local level, European and global level. Presentations (5’) by FESTISOL, CONCORD, Bridge 47, GENE, Fair Trade International, Centre Nord-Sud du Conseil de l’Europe, etc.  
13:30-13:50 - Exchange with audience  
13:50-14:00 - Wrap up  

List of participants (to be invited):
European institutions 
DG DEVCO B1 – F. Van den Eede 
European Parliament – TBD 
Finnish presidency 

PLATFORMA partners (all but particularly those with active involvement in DEAR + EDLS mobilisers): 
Diputació de Barcelona 
AFCCRE – Jocelyne  
VVSG (Wim de Geest, Edegem) 
VNG International (Global SDGs campaign) 
RGRE – Koln present their ongoing DEAR Project  

Key Stakeholders:
Jean-Marc Delaunay FESTISOL International 
Tania Cox
Luísa Teotónio Pereira Global Education Network Europe 
Centre Sud-Nord du Conseil de l’Europe 
Sergi Corbalán Fair Trade International (Fair Trade Town Award) 
Sofia Caiolo ALDA 
Commune Bruxelloise in representation of the Brussels Regional Network for International Solidarity 
Kerstin Roeske Engagement Global 
Réseau Multi-acteurs en France actif au sein du Festisol